How to refill Brother OEM LC: 61, 65, 71, 75, 79, 101, 103, 105 Cartridges


Today we are going to show you how to refill Brother's LC cartridges. There are two kinds of LC cartridges. One kind doesn't have a chip, for example, LC 61, 65, 71, and 79. If your cartridge has a chip, for example, LC 103 or 109, the printer will not recognize that the cartridge is refilled. You need to either replace the Brothers chip with an ARC chip or, purchase a refillable cartridge with ARC chip. You can find the refillable cartridge at

Now let's get started. First, I will show you how to refill the cartridge with BCH Standard Ink. All the Brother's cartridge are similar. It has an ink tank. An ink outlet. An air vent. And a front cover. Some covers can slide back; some are fixed. To refill it, you don't have to take off the front cover. However, I will take it off for illustration purpose.

To remove it, use a screwdriver with a flat bit. Note the small openings along the sides of the top and bottom edges of the housing. Inside these openings will be seen a tab. The tabs attach the cover. Insert the screwdriver into the opening and lift the tab upward while pulling the cover in the direction of the inlet and outlet.

The ink bottles have flexible tip that, if properly prepared, will enable easy filling of the cartridges without further modification. But first, the tip of the ink bottle's nozzle must be prepared by cutting a small notch in the tip using a knife. The tip is flexible, so do this with care. The notch will allow ink to flow easily into the ink cartridge's outlet.

Insert the bottle's tip into the ink cartridge's outlet. It is the one next to the cartridge's bottom side. So that the spring in the outlet nozzle is depressed. This can be seen from the side of the cartridge.

Next, press down the air valve. If you did not remove the cover, use the eraser-end of a pencil or something similar to press it down. Start pumping ink into the cartridge. Caution. If the ink is leaking, stop right away. Remove the bottle carefully and put the front cover back.

Next. I am going to show you how to refill the cartridge with BCH Premium Ink. I will take the front cover off for better illustration. Fill the syringe with ink. Insert it all the way into the outlet nozzle. Press down the air vent and inject ink into the cartridge. Remove the syringe carefully and put the front cover back.

Special thanks to James Mears, who provided valuable insight and detailed advice for this project.

Apr 11th 2017 BCH Technologies

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