How to refill BCH 950/951 and 932/933 Cartridges RC-HP-950-ARC RC-HP-932-ARC

BCH RC-HP-950-ARC Refillable Cartridge  (Product Link)

BCH RC-HP-932-ARC Refillable Cartridge  (Product Link)

RC-HP-932-ARC    RC-HP-950-ARC


1. Remove the air vent plug (see picture below)

2. Remove the refill plug.  

3. Fill up the cartridge.  Re-insert refill plug.  Do not insert the air vent plug.  Air vent needs to be kept open during operation.

4. Install into the printer and use as a regular cartridge.  *  **

5. Keep your setup cartridge in a safe place.  You may need it for troubleshooting.

* Check the actual ink level inside the transparent cartridge once a month and add ink as needed.  

** For both regular and XL volume cartridges, refill the cartridge every time you reset the ink level to full. 

The chip is ARC chip (automatic reset chip) and cannot be reset manually.  It has to wait till the printer encounters an error "cartridge depleted".  Then open and close the printer door or power cycle the printer will reset the ink level to full.  If the printer is working normally, open and close the printer door won't reset the ink level.


Tip: How to tell air vent from refill hole: air vent is surrounded by a plastic chamber and it is very hard to refill fro this hole.  The refill hole is open to the inside and it is very easy to inject ink from the hole.

RC-HP-950-ARC Cartridges

RC-HP-932 Cartridges

Troubleshooting after installation

One or two colors not showing

This is because the ink pressure is not balanced among cartridges.  Do one or two cartridge cleaning from printer's maintenance menu will adjust the pressure.  If the problem persists, set the printer for two hours and try again.

Printout has stripes

The printhead is clogged, likely caused by the air bubbles introduced during installation.  Do one or two cartridge cleaning, using printer's maintenance menu.  If the problem persists, set the printer for two hours and try again.

If the print head was clogged before installation, you can take the printhead out and clean it.  

Ink System Failure

See this article for solution

Feb 14th 2017 BCH Technologies

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