How to put the little spring back to Epson's printhead/cartridge carriage for Epson Expression Premium XP Printers

Today, we will talk about installing the Epson's little spring back to the cartridge carriage or printhead carriage. After installing a cartridge, we may find a small spring in the printer, and the printer will not recognize the cartridge again. The leather spring comes inside here. However, I usually check the pins to make sure they're all there. Usually, out of nine of them, there are five on the top row and four on the bottom row. If you got one of them broken, today's your lucky day. Go to, and go to Printer Parts, Epson, and go to Electronic Boards. On the left, you're going to see the selection. Click a CSIC Terminal, and here's the pin that you can buy, so you can swap them when you install the spring.

If you've already lost a spring, I know you're dead. Go to the same thing, go to Parts, Epson, and go to Springs. You have both the spring and the thumb top in one package like this. To check if the problem is caused by the spring before you buy, and try something like this. If one of them doesn't bounce back, that's the problem one. First, you need to get the printhead unlocked. To do this, turn the power on. As soon as you see the printer move, cut the power off. Now, slide the cartridge to this position where it has an opening. Get a size one Phillips screwdriver and remove this screw first, then two screws, one on each side.

Now when you remove this piece, it's hard to describe how to do it. Let me show one that I already remove, so you know where to push. This is the bottom of the cartridge. Pay attention to the square hole. Here's the top piece. It goes in like this. We need something to push into that square box that will release the cover. Let's do it. After you get that part to loosen, pull it up, pull it straight up. Now, I'm going to remove the two more screws under the cover. Now, you can lift the whole thing. Okay, that was the easy part. The next part is a little bit difficult. Okay, take a close look.

There are two things, look like a spatula. Just remember that. Remember, I say those spatulas should be on the top. This piece, I'll call the bottom. The bottom has two square holes, and those spatulas should be on top of those square holes. Just use a finger; you can lift the set and remove this cover. I'll call the base. You don't need any tools to remove it. Just use your fingernail. However, be careful when you remove it.

Now, you can see what I said about the spatula on the top of the square hole. When you lift it, do it slowly. Those springs should stay with the base. To install the spring, the first thing is to find it. You put it down that little column and push it down and then twist it a little bit. Give it a half-turn twist, and it should stay with the column. Now, slowly flip it over without the spring attached. Okay, let's try again. Give a half turn, a quarter turn, or half turn and flip over.

It is incorrect because the spatula should be on the top of the square. Just slip the square underneath the spatula. Now, you can see it's underneath and push in. You're going to hear a click, and then test it. You're ready to go. Oh, by the way, I forgot to show you how to change the pin. Just get a screwdriver, take it out and slide a new pin in, and if you need to change that.

Jan 1st 2021

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