How to adjust Canon's Waste Ink Assembly and Fix Paper Jam Problem

Today we're going to work on Canon's fake paper jam. By fake, I mean you already make sure there's no debris in your printer. There's no small piece of paper stuck somewhere. You already check your PE sensor and also the PE sensor lever. The PE sensor lever is okay, and it falls right in the PE sensor. You're out of your idea. Nothing else seems to matter. Then, you'll come to this video.

Check the waste ink pad assembly underneath the printer. If you see it like this, the assembly is totally out of whack. I do have a video that's not out of whack and needs to be adjusted. I'm going to put a link above, but this way, you can say when they're sideways.

It should look like this. It is parallel to your printer, and also, this lever is spring-loaded. I pushed a white box to the left. Today we're going to put this box into a correct position. However, if you cannot get the lever spring-loaded, refer to the video above. The white box you see here is floating on top of a black base, and there are four springs on each corner. Be careful when you move the white box. You'll not necessarily move the black base.

Here's the bottom, the black base. Here two tabs look like a forklift, and here's a very long tab that goes the right side of the assembly. Here's a short tab that goes to the left side of your assembly. Your goal is to put those two tabs into their groove. Simultaneously, the forklift has to pick up this-- I don't know if we call that a stick or a rod or a lever. It's more like a lever. I'll call it a lever.

The tab is in the same position as the forklift, so if you put the tab in, the forklift will not pick up the lever. This one will not work because the lever is still underneath the forklift. As far as how to take the cover off, it's covered by the previous video. I will not repeat it here. I use an angled screwdriver to remove that little white piece to give me more space.

You can bend the cover over and use a regular screwdriver to remove that piece. It's just I have an angled screwdriver, so it's easier for me to do this way. I don't know why Canon designed this piece. It's just so easy to fall off and go back pretty quickly, so you just put it in and slide it in like this. First, I feel around I see if the lever is still attached to the forklift. Be very careful. If it's attached, you don't want to dislodge it to make it even harder. For my luck, it just detached. Let's do it the hard way, then.

Here's the forklift. If it's not attached, I suggest you check your printer serial number and call Canon and see if it's still under warranty. If it's under warranty, get a new printer rather than to go forward.

If it's out of warranty, you can sell the four parts on eBay or just adventure on. We're going to have a ride. Our game plan is to move the lever to the left slightly, then slide underneath those forklifts. Then, attach the tab on the right side, and that's-- I finished stage one, and we're going to take a break.

Unfortunately, I didn't film the one that I did on the last printer, so I'm using a different printer to show you. See, this thing can be pushed to the left a little bit. When you move to the left, you can slide the forklift under it. Let's do it. For the first time, you're going to practice a little bit and make sure you catch the lever. That's the whole point. Look close. Now I feel it. Now, try to gather the tab inside the groove vertically and make sure everything goes in.

If you notice, the wall can be bent a little bit, so that helps. That's looking good. Now I'll get back to this printer. This is exactly like how we started. I went to the sideway. However, when you lift it, you'll find it's harder to lift because the forklift they call the lever, and that's a good thing. Now make sure you're pulling from underneath. Don't just pull on the white part. Pull-on the black part. Also, don't pull too hard. If you pull too hard, your forklift is going to be broken.

Lift and push forward. You should hear a click, and this falls right in. If you can go up and down and that's a good sign. That's because the lever is inside the forklift so that it can go up and down. That solved the worst scenario.

We got one more printer to fix today so let's go to the next one. Most of the time, you're going to have this second case, which is the easier part of the forklift's still in there, and it's not out. You can rarely jerk the forklift completely off the lever. You lift it a little bit and push it forward, and that will be falling right inside into the slot.

Unfortunately, for this case, when I was further feeling around to see if the forklift is still attached, I accidentally just pushed it right into the position, and I got it fixed. Man, was I upset or what? It just falls right in there. It goes up and down and the problem's fixed.

If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe. Please visit the, and we can teach you how to refill this baby, so you don't ever repurchase a new cartridge. Next time, don't beat your printer too hard, especially when you have a piece of paper underneath the printer, do not jerk it out. Do it peacefully and speak out against printer violence. Peace.

Jan 8th 2021

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