Fixing the HP Printhead Problem Event Code 62.80.A0 - for OfficeJet Pro 8022 8025 8028

Fixing the HP Printhead Problem Event Code 62.80.A0 - for OfficeJet Pro 8022 8025 8028

In this blog, we will discuss a common OfficeJet Pro printhead problem: event code 62.80.A0. This error frequently occurs when switching to a new printhead. If this is the case, you may have damaged the FFC cable while installing the new printhead. To address this problem, let’s take the printer apart and take a closer look at what went wrong.

For this process, you will need a T10 screwdriver bit. You can purchase a set of bits, including the one you need here, through BCH Technologies if you don’t already have one. This bit is a certainty must-have for HP owners who like to repair their own devices.

Rewiring Your Cable

Let’s get started! Remove all eight screws from the top of the printer. Once you’ve done that, you can remove the printer hinge. Simply push forward on it, and it should come off pretty easily. Now you can prop up the scanner at a 90-degree angle, exposing four additional screws that you need to take out. At this point, you can peel off the panel from both sides without trouble.

Use something with a hook on it to remove the two springs holding the printhead and cartridge in place. Now you can remove the cable and examine it. If you notice that your cable is damaged, you will need to replace it. You can purchase replacement FFC cables from BCH Technologies. Notice that they come in pairs.

Do not remove the old cable completely, as it can be useful to look at when figuring out how to wire the new one. You should see a red bar on one of the cables and two bars on the other. The cable with one bar is to your left, and the one with two bars should be installed on the right side.

Thread your new cable through the middle of the printer. Make sure it ends up looking like the old cable, with the one-bar side to your left and the two-bar side on your right. Carefully double-check the position of your old cable before proceeding to the next step.

Putting Things Back Into Place

Now you’ll need to remove the clip, and you can do this by lifting the end of it just a little bit. With your left hand lifting one end, poke through the hole on the top, and one more on the bottom. You can now remove the iron core and old cable.

This time, when putting your new cable in, be sure to use evenly applied force. It can also be helpful to hold your left hand steady and use your right hand to insert the cable rather than trying to move with both hands.

Make sure that your printhead is sitting securely and flat in its place. Finally, check on the timing belt and ensure that it goes through the reader in the correct manner. This will result in a scanner error because you detached the scanner. Bypass this error, and everything should function properly again.

Restart the Printer

Reboot your printer and run it through its paces. Since you’ve replaced the damaged FFC cable, that should have solved the error.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful to you. Browse our blog for more tips and tricks to fix scanners, printers, and ink cartridges. You can also visit our physical location in Greensboro, North Carolina. Happy printing!

Jan 14th 2022

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