Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xEA: Re-position CR Encoder Scale

I’ve talked a few times about the Epson error code 0xEA, and I'll be addressing it again today. Last time, I mentioned checking the clear reader belt, and many people were confused regarding it and didn’t understand what I was talking about. So hopefully, today I can clear that up a bit with some more information.

What does this error code mean?

The problem that this error code is trying to indicate is that the printhead doesn’t know how far it’s traveled or what its current position is. This is usually the result of a smudge on the clear belt that your printhead’s sensor uses to determine where it is in relation to the left and right boundaries of the printer. You can find this belt below and behind the printhead.

What should I check for on the reader belt?

In this case, you'll likely find that the cartridge is difficult to move. This is probably because the belt is a bit twisted. If you look closely, that’s almost always the cause for the printhead struggling to move. To fix this, all you usually have to do is push it back into place with your finger. Now you should see that the belt is once again vertical, and the printhead cartridge is moving smoothly like it's supposed to.

What if that doesn't fix it?

If you want a bit more information about this, as well as some other possible problems and solutions for this error code, here is the previous video where I talked about it. If you find that a twist in the clear belt is not the problem, please look at that video so I can help you try a few more things to solve the problem.

If you ever need any other printer advice, especially regarding Epson printers, please feel free to visit my youtube channel, where I’ve covered tons of topics related to them and how to fix various printer error messages. Thanks for reading this BCHtechnologies blog. Happy printing! 

May 18th 2022

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