Canon Support Code 5100: Check Your CR Motor Wiring

Today, we are going to fix this printer with error 5100. As soon as we started, there's no grinding sound, and jump right into error code 5100. Finally, I gave up. When I come back, I found this thing. What the hell is going on there? It's a piece of excellent Canon design. Why do they power their motor with this fragile wire, and why you put the wire right next to two gears going to grinding on them?

You're going to have the same problem for all the new PIXMAs that use 28A cartridge. I'll put a link above and show you how to take the set panel off to service on your printer. Anyway, if you have ever seen this, try to turn it on, there's no sound, the cartridge not moving, nothing moving, it just directly go to 5100, it may be because you open and close your lid, and that lid cut the wire. That cut the wire off. That's why you don't hear any sound of cartridge movement before you get this error.

Jan 22nd 2021

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