CANON PIXMA How to Refill ink cartridge Canon PG-210/CL-211, PG-240/CL-241, PG-243/CL-244, PG-245/CL-246, PG-260/CL-261 (XL and non-XL)

Canon's integrated cartridges are very easy to refill. We separated it into different skill levels. You can pick your level and give it a try. Enjoy!

Level 1:  OUTRAGE

You are outraged by Canon's expensive cartridges but have no experience of refilling.  In this video, we show you how to refill your starter cartridge. 

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Product Used:
  • Z30S (Cartridge height=3.5 cm, e.g. 210/211, 243/244, 245/246)
  • EZ30T (Cartridge height=4 cm, e.g., PG-240 CL-241, PG-260 CL-261)

Cleaning Solutions Optional


You start saving a significant amount of money by refilling the starter cartridge. One day, it hits you: how about buying used cartridges and refill them? In this video, we purchased 4 cartridges from eBay, refilled them and showed how to disable ink gauge and let the Canon print forever.

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Product Used: Same as above


You refilled many many times. However, you still curious if there is any way the cartridge can hold twice more ink, last 10 times longer, and more time between refills. In this video, we took out Canon's little tiny sponge and replaced it with our HUGE, TREMENDOUS BEAUTIFUL sponge.  Make Cartridge Great Again!

View Video 3 Also, Part II: Test results.

Product used:

KD600X-CC (600 ml total, that's 30 refills for black, 20 refills for color!)

AS-SPG-CBC: Mod kit

Level 4: SpongeLESS
Good is not enough, you badass. You want to get rid of the sponge and put a swimming pool inside the cartridge. You want the cartridge lasts 40X longer than regular cartridges. In this video, we show you how to install a pressure regulator and make a sponge-less cartridge.

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TS3100 series: TS3120, TS3122... (coming)

You want to refill once a year. You want to turn your $30 into a workhorse. In this video, we pull off some black-hat stuff and install a "bucket of ink" next to the printer. The printer will get supply from the bucket and let you call yourself "Doctor of Refill."

Videos: MG2500

Product used:

Apr 19th 2018 BCH Technologies

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