7 Ways to Fix Anycubic Photon S Failed to Open File - 3D Printer

7 Ways to Fix Anycubic Photon S Failed to Open File - 3D Printer

This blog will explore a specific Photon S error where it fails to open the file and discuss several ways to fix it. The particular error means that the printer was unable to open a file. This problem will start with one file, but soon all the files will start to look that way. Eventually, your printer will become essentially useless.

Here are seven ways to fix this error:

  1. Power your printer off and then on again. This may seem overly simple, but sometimes it does the trick.
  2. Delete all files from your USB drive and re-save them, in case there was a save error.
  3. If method 2 doesn’t work and you are still receiving the error, you can try using a different USB drive to input the files..
  4. Install, update, or reinstall the latest version of Photon workshop.
  5. Update your firmware. You can do this by going to anycubic.com, clicking on software, driver, and videos under the “support” tab, and choosing your printer model. Select any applicable updates and install them.
  6. Should you run into trouble with the firmware, your next option is to select the thumb drive and format it. Right-click on the drive and scroll down until you find the “format” button. Keep in mind that this will erase any files on the USB, so be sure to have them backed up.
  7. Finally, if all else fails, you can try selecting a different cluster size. Again, right-click on the thumb drive, select “format,” and choose another allocation unit size.

We hope you were able to resolve the error with one of these methods. Cheers!

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Jan 14th 2022

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