5 Simple and Easy Ways to Refill Your Epson Stylus Pro 7880, 9880 Printer Cartridges (T604, T6041, T6042, T6047)

Today, we will show you how to refill the large cartridge for the large format printer. This is a T604. Most people don't know how to refill it properly. You're going to have one cartridge. You're going to have eight cartridges in this set. If you need a get cartridge and tools, you can go to BCH Technologies and go to Cartridges, Epson, and the Refillable. Then on the Cartridge Model, you click T604, and you can see there's the whole cartridge set with the priming tool and the resetter and eight funnels.

I'm just going to refill one. You have a funnel, and then you're going to have those tools. Most sellers do not include those tools. It's beneficial for you to have those tools so you don't have clogging. Then, of course, you have some ink, and you should have a resetter. The first thing is, let's understand the anatomy of the cartridge.

This one is the entry point. It's where the ink enters. It has letters on it saying refill hole.

That's where the ink is going to come in. Don't think I've got bills over and over. Make sure it has a solid case because you will slide in and slide out so that it will last longer. Make sure you if you buy this, but with the chip. This orange cap is where they seal the air hole. You're supposed to remove it before using it. Oh, this is to balance the air inside the cartridge.

This is the ink outlet where the ink coming out goes to the printer. So the first thing you do is remove the refill hole, get your kids to hold off this funnel, and put the funnel in there. We have a bottle of ink to make sure. Okay, so another handhold this, so it'll look a little bit dangerous.

When you have it, try to cut this clear, so it's easier to pour in, and then when you pour in, make sure you are pouring it slowly and don't make any bubbles.

Clean. Hold it. Don't move, don't move. If you're sitting for a while, make sure that all the ink gets in. Let me get a paper towel. Now you can put a syringe on the paper towel. There you go.

See, it's already pretty clean. Now we need to put the refill plug back and make sure it's sealed. The refill plug; make sure it's sealed. When you refill, do not fill all the way. Leave about a quarter-inch from the top. This way, it's designed to hold a maximum of 320 milliliters, but you don't want to put over 320. You want to put about 300 in there. The next thing is if you see air in here-- Maybe it's the first time you're going to see air. What you want to do is you want to use the first adapter. This adapter and you get a 10 mL syringe. You want to draw the ink out of here.

This is very important. Otherwise, all those ink will go to the printhead, which is possibly going to clog the printhead. The second one is this big guy. This big guy is very, very interesting. What you'll do-- It's counterintuitive. Let me show you what I do. For each liter of ink, you want to put in 50 mL of air. This is about a third of a liter, so we're going to put 20 mL of air in. Remove this and set it aside because you are going to use this when you use the cartridge.

We use this yellow adapter and put it in the air hole. Then we put all the 20 mL air in it. Oh, I'm just turning it this way. We'll do it the way we're supposed to upright like this. See. Then the cartridge is going to push over the 20 mL back. Now you're going to push back again, and the cartridge will push the back. You stop it exactly how much you put in. You put in 20 again. Do this three-time. 20. Okay. Now, you can remove this. Now, this cartridge is ready for use. No air here. The air is balanced.

Now we'll use the ink. We're going to reset our cartridge, reset the chip when you're low on ink. The time to reset the chip is you have at least 15% of ink left in the ink counter, in the ink gauge. I'm not talking about the real ink, physically, how much ink in here. If your printer shows low ink and where you'll see those color bars, if it's the last and 15%, it's tough to reset it. You might not be able to reset it. When you see it may be at 20%, and you need to take the cartridge out. Here's how you reset it. See the edge here? You have a bar here.

What you do is you have four pins on the top, three pins on the bottom. You line up with those pins and push in and until the light goes green. When it goes green, it is reset. You put it in again, and it's going to show you full ink level. The printer cannot detect how much ink is in the cartridge, so the printer does count how many pages are printed. Let's have this kind of print, maybe 5000 copies. The page number goes from 0 to 5000. When it goes to 5000. The printer thinks the ink has depleted. If you are at 4000 levels, that's the time 20% you should reset the link.

If you take the cartridge out, refill it without resetting it, you put it back, this chip still shows 4000 pages. The printer still thinks you don't have ink, although you have a full tank of ink. That's why you want to reset it after refill it. I think that's all you need to know. When I store it, I like to put this back so we can put it aside. Before use, unplug it and put it in.

Jul 16th 2021

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