Regular or Sublimation Printer Repair - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets - Limited Opening

  • Regular or Sublimation Printer Repair - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets - Limited Opening
  • Regular or Sublimation Printer Repair - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets - Limited Opening
  • Regular or Sublimation Printer Repair - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets - Limited Opening
  • Regular or Sublimation Printer Repair - Epson HP and Canon Desktop Inkjets - Limited Opening
$125.00 - $275.00
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"Hello! Due to high demand, we are temporarily limiting this product stock. If it's unavailable, please check back later. Our waitlist for this item is typically 2-4 weeks but currently is 8-10 weeks. We apologize for any delays in servicing your printer. However, we do have random openings from time to time. Keep updated by checking our BCH Work List. Thank you for your cooperation. -Kevin"

Please do not purchase before reading this:

BCH Repair Terms: (Please initial)

  • TIME BCH has a waiting list and cannot guarantee immediate repair of your printer.
  • COST BCH may not be able to fix your printer, and the repair cost may be more than a new printer.
  • PRINTHEAD BCH's service is for repairing the printer, not for printhead cleaning or unclogging.
  • MAINBOARD The extensive diagnosis of the mainboard is not included; if it needs to be replaced, the owner will need to pay for it.
  • PARTS The owner will be responsible for purchasing replacement parts 
  • SHIPPING The owner will be responsible for shipping costs.
  • RESULT BCH does not guarantee the repair result as good as the original printer
  • WARRANTY ON LABOR A 90-day warranty is offered for the repair labor, excluding shipping and parts expenses. If the issue differs from the previous repair, an extra charge for repair labor will be incurred.
  • WARRANTY ON PARTS No warranty for the replacement parts is provided for the repair.
  • DAMAGE DURING REPAIR BCH is not liable for any damage or loss during repair.
  • DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING BCH is not liable for any damage or loss during shipment.
  • NO VALUE The printer is considered of no value and not working when ordering this service.
  • DISPOSAL AFTER 14 DAYS The owner will receive a final invoice after a repair is completed and has seven calendar days to pick up or arrange to ship. If BCH does not hear back from the owner within 14 calendar days, BCH reserves the right to dispose of the printer. Reclaiming the printer will not be possible.
Cautionary Tale: A customer paid $50 for labor and asked us to pre-pay for shipping ($20 each way), promising to repay later. Later, we discovered the printer was beyond repair, and the customer left it with us. They felt that the cost of our services, combined with the two months of waiting and $50 for giving away their printer, was terrible. On our side, two people worked on the printer for two weeks straight, and we made below minimum wage and were left with a broken printer. Additionally, we ordered a $49 mainboard that can't be returned and a set of FFC cables ($16). We are now stuck with a broken, old printer that we need to strip for parts to recover costs. We would rather focus our time on other projects.

What is this "Printer Repair Service"?

"Printer Repair Service" offers labor to diagnose and repair a standard inkjet printer (not including DTF, DTG, UV, large format, plotter, or industrial printers). Please provide the weight of your printer (you can find this by searching "Epson Model Weight" on Google). Parts are not included and, if necessary, we will contact you before purchasing any replacements. Make sure the printer has cartridges and enough ink, and remove or drain the ink from any CIS before shipping. If we receive a printer that leaks everywhere, we will not work on the printer.

How does this thing work?

  1. Check out printer's weight and select the weight on the drop-down menu above
  2. Decide how you are going to pay.
    1. IN STORE At our store, payment is required before a printer inspection. We accept both cash and credit card payments on-site. This policy is in place because some customers come in expecting a free assessment, which can be uncomfortable to both parties.
    2. PAY ONLINE Proceed to add the service in cart and submit the order. This will put you on our waiting list and hold the spot immediately. We do not accept "upgrade fees", so this is the fastest way to get your repair scheduled.
  3. Get the printer to us (see below). 

How to get the printer to us:


    1. Send an email to Put the order number and REQUEST DROP OFF TIME in the title—for example, Order 12345 Request Drop Off Time. The email body gives us three possible drop-off time slots to choose from. (9 AM to 4 PM)
    2. You can drop it at our warehouse at 506 Radar Road, Suite B, Greensboro, NC 27410. Once you are on Radar Road, you will see huge numbers on the top of each building. We are in building 506. If Google Map brings you to the loading dock, drive around to the front of the building.

Continental USA: 

  • Our receiving address is below. Make sure to put your order number at ####. We receive a massive amount of printers each day. If your printer doesn't have the ###, it may be mixed with other shipments.
  • Please download and filled out the BCH Printer Repair Intake Form and put a copy inside the package. The form will be available after you purchased the service, or go to your account and find your order and "Download File".

BCH Technologies (Repair-####)
506 Radar Road Suite B, 
Greensboro, NC 27410


Worldwide: You will be responsible for all tariffs and taxes.


Question: Can you give me a discount because I already know what the problems are?

Answer: Our pricing model is based on a flat labor rate, exclusive of parts. We don't rely on the customers' self-diagnosis of the issue. Frequently, we encounter two common scenarios from customers:

  1. Customers claim their printer hasn't been in use for a while and needs a tune-up, often requesting a discount on standard repair costs. We once had a case where a customer requested us to clear a minor ink line blockage. Upon inspection, we found dried ink throughout the system that couldn't be unclogged. This led to a complete replacement of the ink system, including new tubes and debris removal from tanks, a process that took two days. We also discovered a slow ink leak, as well as the damaged the printhead, FFC cable, and mainboard. After further investigation, we found that a worn-out printer carriage was the culpit. The carriage burned down the printhead, FFC cable, and the mainboard. The customer hadn't used the printer since, which caused the ink to dry in the system.

  2. Many customers report having a "paper jam". This has become an inside joke in our office, as around 60% of repair requests claim this issue. However, upon opening the printers, we often find more serious problems.

We suggest that for simpler repairs, customers should consider researching solutions on YouTube and attempting DIY fixes. If they believe the problem is manageable and only requires some time and effort, it might be more cost-effective for them to handle it themselves.

Given our 12 years of industry experience, the high cost of specialized equipment, office maintenance, and employee training, our service rates isn't the lowest in the market. However, to maintain consistency and transparency, we've opted for a single flat rate for all repairs or services, irrespective of how simple or straightforward they may seem.

Firstly, we are a local business, and we expect you to be able to drop the printer off at our local store (address below). If you are out of our service area, you will be responsible for shipping both ways.


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